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Prevention and team building through Office Pilates 

Only believe what you have experienced yourself. (Gautama Buddha)

I have been successfully offering Pilates for companies as office courses for many years. Employees train in teams together in the office – at any convenient time of the day. Offering Pilates as a sporting activity in the office has health-promoting and team-building benefits:

  • It increases concentration and performance.

  • Training the lower and upper back improves posture and mobility. This optimizes breathing, relieves the strain on the organs and prevents headaches and back pain.

  • But apart from the competitive sports and health-promoting benefit, you create an opportunity for your employees to come together on a project-independent level - to exchange ideas and set goals. This approach has a positive influence on the working atmosphere and strengthens the team spirit.

Choose the right training for your team.

Each training package includes
Duration: 60 minutes of training weekly 
Duration: 12 weeks
Location: at your office

Individual arrangements are possible.

Pilates workout


includes 7 basic exercises

You will learn to apply the basic principles of the Pilates method while sitting, lying, standing, walking and lifting your own body.

The breathing technique is trained and integrated into the movement process. 

You will learn to concentrate on the movement sequences and to keep them.

The basic principles form the foundation for effective, gentle training.

Pilates workout


includes 4 basic exercises

You practice applying the Pilates principles to your body with new exercises.

You will learn how to adopt the optimal upright posture at work and in everyday life.

You learn to get used to keeping your back straight.


Posture Pilates training will help you improve your appearance.

You will gain more well-being and vitality.

Pilates workout


includes 7 build-up exercises

You learn how to activate the powerhouse.

You practice the movement sequences in a consciously controlled and fluent manner.

Learn to build up your strength slowly and increase it continuously.


The "Pilates Advanced Training" will help you to develop your strength and endurance.

They are corrected individually and continuously.

Pilates workout


Part of an annual program

Based on the Pilates basic training, you will learn how to let the exercises flow into one another.

You practice changing between lying on your back and stomach as well as the sitting position more often.

You practice moving each muscle group carefully and consciously.


The "Pilates movement flow training" will help you to let the exercises and movement sequences flow harmoniously into one another.

All training courses can be carried out on site or online. 
If none of the packages are tailored to your needs, contact me and we will find an individual solution.
Downward Dog Pose
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