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The fee per group lesson (60 minutes) is €110.00 net (plus 19% VAT)

  • per training package with 12 units €1,200

  • The fee refers to a group size of 3 to a maximum of 14 people

  • exclusive arrival and departure 

My customer relationships are long-term, trusting partnerships. I therefore think it is important to name a few points in advance.

Participants and lessons

The lessons take place 'during working hours', ie I come to your house. I will discuss your needs with you in advance, e.g. times, group sizes based on your teams and premises.

Larger groups than 14 participants require further coordination, eg division of the groups.

All teaching units can be held online, e.g. due to Covid19 measures, alternating with face-to-face teaching. The fee for this is the same. Online classes also offer employees who are absent from work the opportunity to take part in training courses.

The language of instruction is German or French.



Training subscriptions

Subscriptions on a quarterly, half-yearly or full-year basis have proven to be optimal. These are agreed as binding packages. An extension should be made 6 weeks before the end of the subscription.

Permanent contracts are possible. Do not hesitate to contact me.

The full invoice amount of the agreed fee is due upon conclusion of the contract. 



In each package, the probable dates for the next 3 or 6 months are specified as a regular, weekly rotation. This can also be several appointments within a week, depending on the number of participants per group and the spatial possibilities of your company.

Fixed packages cannot be canceled. However, individual dates can be postponed or made up for, depending on availability.

For this, trainings  must be postponed at least 2 weeks before the planned date, otherwise they will be billed as planned, even if they are canceled.


Private lessons

Specific one-to-one lessons and individual support related to the physical and ergonomic requirements at the workplace are agreed separately. This includes, for example:

  • Analysis of movement sequences at the workplace

  • develop and strengthen the positive health-promoting attitudes

  • recognize deficits

  • develop, study and get used to new healing movements

Do not hesitate to contact me.


Traveling expenses

  • Travel expenses are billed separately as deductible additional costs according to kilometers*. 
    *Arrivals/departures within Berlin, €0.30 per kilometer. From 21 km €0.38/km.
    *If the journey takes longer than three quarters of an hour from the place of residence, 50% of the hourly fee will be charged.

  • Travel costs outside of Berlin and within Germany: within a radius of 500 km ICE train ticket, 1st class, from 500 km flight ticket business class.

  • Arrival/departure days are charged at 50% of a daily rate. All prices net, excl. 19% VAT.

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