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Pilates is a gentle physical training that increases body awareness, corrects bad posture and eliminates tension. The key to this lies in training the torso and pelvic floor muscles (the powerhouse), which are built up and strengthened from within and thus support the spine. As a result, we   achieve a natural upright posture. A strong core automatically makes all movements easier, the joints are protected and the organs are relieved. Pilates is one of the world's most outstanding, everyday and health-promoting movement systems.

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My approach to training

I want to make Pilates easy and understandable. My priority is quality and simplicity. Because to understand Pilates you have to feel it  . It is important that the exercises are carried out precisely and that the participants develop a perception of their bodies. Every person is different, which is why I also address the individual requirements and needs of the participants in group training.

my vision

I believe that a calm mind needs a healthy body. Without movement, the muscles atrophy. I have made it my task to develop an understanding of movement and to show people the gift they give themselves through movement. Pilates is a connection you make. You can't tell or judge it after a single workout. This gentle method thrives on small, slow movements. If you want to experience Pilates, you should consciously embark on a journey with your body. Because this trip is worth it.

My motivation is when the AHA effect sets in with my participants and they notice that they are getting stronger.

Pilates Class

Vita Pascale

I was born in Paris and have lived in Basel, Freiburg and since 2008 in Berlin. Due to my work at the theater, a wide variety of movement schools such as yoga, tango, salsa and ballet were part of my everyday life. When I came across a book about Pilates in a Paris bookstore in 2003, I became curious. With Pilates, I realized that I had been using my core muscles incorrectly or unconsciously over the years. I was surprised how these muscles could be activated in a relatively short time and what a positive effect this has on everyday movements. This has changed my focus and I want to pass this knowledge on to other people. Since 2009 I have found my professional purpose and am a certified Pilates trainer.

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